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Pioneering Pre-Clinical Excellence in Biomedical Research

At Nanosting, we are committed to accelerating the pace of biomedical breakthroughs through our comprehensive range of contract research services. Our expertise spans across vital research areas, including pre-clinical studies, nanoparticle and drug testing, tissue engineering, and innovative 3D-bioprinting. With a focus on medicine, biomedicine, and biomedical engineering, we partner with pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms to navigate the complex journey from concept to clinical trials. Our collaboration with renowned experts like Dr. Pedro Melgar Lesmes, a seasoned PhD in Pharmacy and Biochemistry, ensures that your projects benefit from cutting-edge science backed by profound industry knowledge.

Your Research, Our Mission

Nanosting is not just a contract research organization; we are your gateway to the future of biomedical innovation. Our team, including the esteemed Dr. Pedro Melgar Lesmes, brings specialized expertise in liver diseases, nanoparticle design, biochemical analyses, and more. We employ state-of-the-art technology and advanced methodologies, such as 3D-bioprinting and cell therapies, to deliver reliable data and insightful analyses. Whether it's pharmacokinetics or toxicology, hepatotoxicity, or bioavailability studies, we ensure precision and quality at every step.

Comprehensive Services for Every Research Need

Dive into our broad spectrum of services tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Our pre-clinical studies shine a light on the safety and efficacy of new drugs, while our proficiency in tissue engineering and 3D-bioprinting opens new avenues for regenerative medicine. From dose-response studies to cutting-edge cell therapies, our meticulous approach is designed to provide the scientific labour, technology, and knowledge essential for advancing your therapies towards clinical success.

Collaborate with the Expert - Dr. Pedro Melgar Lesmes

Nanosting is proud to work alongside Dr. Pedro Melgar Lesmes, whose extensive research in liver diseases and nanotechnology spearheads our consultancy services. As a consultant, Dr. Melgar-Lesmes brings his wealth of experience to support our clients in navigating pre-clinical challenges, ensuring that every study is conducted with the highest standards of scientific integrity and innovation.

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